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Partner with Green Springs Capital Group LLC to explore the opportunities of real estate development. Our platform is supported by experienced operators with a proven track record. Discover how our partnerships foster diversification and development, bringing exceptional value to your passive real estate investments.

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Property Transformations And Lasting Wealth
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Join our founder, Brian Green, as he shares their transformative journey from hands-on property maintenance to successful real estate syndications.

Real Estate Investing & Development

Welcome to
Green Springs Capital Group LLC
Real Estate Investment, Simplified

At Green Springs Capital Group LLC, we specialize in real estate development. We offer our partners debt and equity investing options and provide our partners consistent cash flow, long term wealth creation, or a mixture of both. Our expertise in real estate development and property management provides a tremendous value proposition for our partners and an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio. Schedule a call to learn more about partnership opportunities with GSCG.

Green Springs Capital Group LLC

Meet Our Partners

Brian Green
General Partner

Brian is the Founding Principle of Green Springs Capital and has been investing in real estate for the past 9 years. His experience began by acquiring small multi-family properties, managing the reposition through extensive renovations and property management initiatives, securing long term fixed mortgages based on the after repair value, then self managing the newly stabilized property. This early experience laid the groundwork for the systems and processes that became Green Springs Property Management. Under his leadership and with a proven track record as a successful entrepreneur, Brian’s primary role is to oversee all company operations with special focus on acquisitions, investor relations, and company finances. Before real estate, Brian founded a chain of retail stores that grew to over $10 million in annual sales before successfully exiting the company in 2014. He is a licensed NYS broker and has a Masters in Business Administration.

Greg Green
General Partner

Greg joined the Green Springs team as a Principle in 2018 after transitioning from the retail business he founded and operated successfully for over 15 years. Since Greg joined the company our portfolio has quadrupled in size and value. He is skilled in managing teams and complex projects and now leads our company’s Project Management division. Greg is responsible for managing all of our job sites as our teams of contractors work through extensive renovations of newly acquired properties. To date our team has successfully completed major renovations at 15 properties with total renovations exceeding $5.0 million. Additionally Greg manages the ongoing maintenance and capital projects for our entire portfolio of properties. Greg holds a Masters in Business Administration.

Like-minded Investors

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

At Green Springs Capital Group LLC, we prioritize securing financial freedom for our Green Springs Family. Through our tailored investment opportunities and expertise-driven approach, we work closely with like-minded individuals to create wealth, cash flow, and lasting financial independence.

Our Track Record

With a track record rooted in empowering our Green Springs Family, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to financial prosperity. Our past successes and investment strategies reflect our dedication to generating wealth and fostering cash flow for our investors over time.


Engagement is at the core of our philosophy at Green Springs Capital Group LLC. We actively collaborate with our select group of investors, providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to make informed decisions and achieve their financial goals. Together, we embark on a journey towards lasting prosperity and financial freedom.

Invest: Seamlessly Participate in High-Yield Investments

Our Core Focus at
Green Springs Capital Group LLC


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Testimonial Success Story

Transforming Investment Goals into Reality:
Paul's Journey with
Green Springs Capital Group LLC

As a retiree focused on relatively low risk, income-oriented investment opportunities I have found Green Springs Capital to be an excellent addition to my investment portfolio. The management team at Green Springs has a confidence inspiring and well thought business model that leverages the unique real estate investment opportunities available in their area.

They recently launched Investor Portal greatly simplifies the investment and payout processes for the investor; a much appreciated feature for those of us that don’t want to spend all their time managing investments. I am looking forward to investing in future opportunities with Green Springs Capital.

-Paul W.

Where We Buy: NYS Capital Region

Why Real Estate Development?

Investing in real estate development properties offers unique advantages:

Diverse Income Streams:
• Numerous apartments provide income diversification.
• Vacancies have a limited impact on overall cash flow.

Steady Housing Demand:

• Growing markets sustain consistent demand for quality housing.
• This drives property value and rental rate increases.

Stability and Consistency:

• Our properties boast stable occupancy and income.
• Apartment rents can be modified in uncertain times to avoid operational losses, unlike office, retail or other commercial assets.


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