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101 & 107 UNION AVE

The Work has Begun!

Green Springs' 1st Short Term Rental set to go live May 1st.
107 Union Attic Conversion TBD • We have contracted with Phinney Design Group to assess the viability of converting 1800 square feet of attic space to a luxury penthouse apartment. Zoning and Costs will determine the project's viability but the value-add to this property would be tremendous.
Long Term Rentals - Our first wave of renovated apartments will be available June/July

The answer is probably both...

Invest in the Stock Market or Private Notes?

Here’s Why:

The Graph displays the returns earned on $100k invested in the S&P 500 from 2000-2022.

We have overlapped the graph with the same $100k invested in a note paying 10% interest annually over the same time period. The results show the value in consistent compounded returns over time. Does this mean you shouldn’t invest in the stock market? Absolutely not, but it does mean that alternative investments such as note investing offered by credible companies such as Green Springs can be a valuable part of your long term investment strategy.

What's Next? Green Springs Plans to Go Big!

Our goal for 2022 is to buy a 50-100 unit apartment community. This will allow for greater economic efficiencies in renovating as well as managing the property long term. We will remain flexible though and capitalize on smaller opportunities where we see value.

What does all this mean for You?

Big Acquisitions = Big Investment Opportunities

We will remain flexible in our approach to financing projects. We have spent this 1st quarter of 2022 working through various models incorporating private notes as well as ownership opportunities for investors. Each opportunity will continue to be project specific so stay tuned for details.

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