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At Green Springs Capital Group LLC, we take pride in our two distinct yet complementary property rental ventures: Saratoga Stays and Green Springs Property Management.

We develop B+/A- properties that provide exceptional value for our customers. This positions us below the top tier properties and above all the average/dated properties – this is the sweet spot where returns and risk are in balance. Each venture offers unique investment opportunities in the thriving real estate market of upstate New York’s Saratoga Springs & the surrounding capital region.

Saratoga Stays: Elegance in Short-term and Mid-term Rentals

Saratoga Stays is our bespoke platform offering luxurious short-term and mid-term rental properties. Situated in the picturesque Saratoga Springs Region, these properties cater to vacationers and professionals seeking exquisite living experiences for brief or extended stays

Green Springs Property Management: Excellence in Long-term Leasing

Green Springs Property Management specializes in long-term apartment rentals, offering a portfolio of properties that blend modern amenities with comfort and style. Our focus is on providing sustainable investment opportunities through well-managed, high-quality apartment rentals for long-term tenants.


Invest With Us

Investment Opportunities with Green Springs Capital Group LLC

Join us on a journey of profitable and sustainable property investment. Whether you’re drawn to the dynamic world of short-term and mid-term rentals with Saratoga Stays, or the stable, long-term leasing market with Green Springs Property Management, our ventures offer diverse avenues for growth and returns.

  • Diverse Portfolio: From vacation homes to comfortable long-term apartments, our portfolio spans a wide range of real estate assets.
  • Strategic Locations: Greater New York State Capital Region, with its rich culture and growing demand for quality rentals, presents ideal investment conditions.
  • Expert Management: Leveraging Green Springs Capital Group’s expertise, both Saratoga Stays and Green Springs Property Management are driven by a commitment to maximizing investor value.
  • Growth and Stability: Each venture is tailored to meet different market needs, offering both growth potential and stability for our investors.

Be Part of Our Vision

We welcome our investors to explore these opportunities and be part of our vision in shaping the future of property rentals in the Greater New York State Capital Region. Embrace the chance to invest in properties that are not just spaces, but experiences and homes.

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