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Landlord Reference Form

A Green Springs Applicant (app with release attached) has listed you as a previous landlord. We sincerely appreciate you taking a moment to complete this form to the best of your knowledge and submit it to us at your earliest convenience. The details of your reference will not be discussed with the Applicant. Thank you for your time!

Name of Applicant(s):(Required)
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Tenant Rental History

Address Previously Leased by Applicant:(Required)
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MM slash DD slash YYYY
Did the tenant stay for entire lease term?(Required)
Did the tenant always pay rent on time?(Required)
Did the tenant keep utilities on and paid in full at all times?(Required)
Did any one else live with the tenant(s)?(Required)
Did the tenant or any guests of the tenant smoke?(Required)
Was there ever any evidence of illegal drug use by the tenant or his/her guests?(Required)
Did the tenant have any weapons? (guns/non-hunting knife/etc.)(Required)
Did the tenant(s) ever receive any legal notices (late rent, noise, unauthorized occupants, notice to vacate, etc)?(Required)
Did the tenant have any pets?(Required)
Did the tenant maintain the home in good condition (house keeping, lawn, etc.)?(Required)
Did the tenant give proper notice before vacating?(Required)
Did the tenant receive their entire deposit back after vacating?(Required)
Would you rent to the tenant again?(Required)